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Worryingly for the Broncos, restricting the energetic Newton to the pocket is not necessarily the way to stop him. Faced with an impenetrable wall in front of him, the Panthers star has the ability to emulate a more traditional quarterback by sitting back and picking out his receivers from distance. And that distance, as we can see in the video above, can be pretty huge if the Panthers are getting desperate.

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Forget that the official tossing the coin needed two tries to get it right. Even then Rodgers thought the guy had gotten it wrong. All that matters is this: For the second playoff season in a row, Rodgers loses his season without ever getting a chance to touch the ball after his team ties the game at the end of regulation.

Aside from music, Marinelli is a fan of the New York Giants and he is an NFL addict. “I have been a fan of the New York Giants since I was a kid. I grew up on Staten Island, NY, and my dad, some uncles, and all their dock worker buddies had season tickets.

It will not only increase visitations but it going to generate new revenue for education, for transportation, for police, Abboud said.The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee has to make a recommendation to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. Sandoval will then call a special session of the Nevada Legislature.

Lions junior defenseman raked in the accolades after helping his squad rewrite a handful of passages in the team record book. The hard hitting Gurreri, a first team All State pick by the state coaches association (the program first since 1996), snagged 84 groundballs as North Hunterdon tied a program record for wins (14). The Lions also allowed the fewest goals in their history (141 in 23 games)..

1 goalie, the Oilers are exceptionally strong for years to come. And as for any discussion of McDavid’s work ethic, the man has proven himself to be an absolute hockey fanatic in building up this level of skill. I have no doubt he’ll do whatever it takes to raise his game and the team’s game, and any suggestion otherwise is an insult to the work ethic he’s already clearly demonstrated.

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