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Truman Medical Centers number one priority is patient safety. The organization has zero tolerance for any employee putting those in our care in harm way.We won rest until all investigations are complete, and the resident family has the answers it deserves about this incident. As this is now in the hands of the KCPD, we would refer any further questions to that organization.This is a developing story.

I always make sure to watch multiple games of a prospects so you have some kind of sample size. The games against the best competition matter more because that’s closest to what they’ll face in the NFL. Once Combine numbers are out, I cross check my observations with what those say and watch anoter game or more, seeing if I see a player the same way.

With the league’s increased scrutiny on concussions, establishing each player’s real history has become a priority. Heyer said there are three to four players a year who claim not to have had a concussion but have had at least one. Similarly, some players are surprised to discover they have what doctors call “athlete’s heart” a slightly enlarged ticker because of the increased blood flow necessary to power a large ballplayer during peak exertion.

The owners said the ruling “affects only these four players,” while the players predicted that all of the players whose contracts expire at the end of this season will become free agents. The Eagles’ Reggie White already has filed a class action suit for those players. The suit will be heard Dec.

A WRHA update released Wednesday explores the three months following Oct. 3, when a series of changes kicked in, including the closure of the Victoria Hospital emergency room.During that period, median ER wait times fell to 1.47 hours, down 19% or 21 minutes from the same period of the previous year and nearing the Canadian median of 1.1 hours, said Lori Lamont, the WRHA acting chief operating officer.But a new bottleneck in the system will now have to be addressed. Sub acute care beds recently added at Victoria Hospital are full, with a waiting list that fluctuates between 10 and 40 patients, said a new model of care for us, so it not unanticipated that we would need to make some adjustments, she said.Lamont said sub acute patients can have serious medical or surgical needs, plus complications or chronic conditions.

For argument’s sake, suppose Kaepernick is jettisoned and the 49ers need to elevate Driskel into the No. 2 role. That’s a lot of faith to put in a sixth round draft pick. The SeaWolves extended their lead in the fifth. Quintana blasted a leadoff home run to left center for a 3 0 lead. Simcox homered off the scoreboard in right center, his seventh, for a 4 0 lead.

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