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“If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!” Trump wrote.

Definitely considered re signing with the Roughnecks, Shattler, the league MVP in 2011, admitted. Were up in the air, didn know what direction they were going in, so that really turned me off. They were beating around the bush so I did something that would prolong my career.

LAST WEEK, I BEAT THE GREATS FROM AROUND HERE IN JERRY RICE. AND NOW, I AM ABOUT TO BEAT MY OLD GREAT, TONY DORSETT. GOING TO BEAT HIM DOWN. At this stage are focused on their legacy. You need to actively inquire of yourself: What do I want to leave behind? Is Not the Panacea great paradox of the golden years is that there is so much time, and yet so very little of it. Retirement, after all, signals the final stage of life.

I agree with what 81 Wolverine is saying. I believe recruiting has suffered since 2005 because of the constant turnover in Defensive coaching (DeBord => English => Shafer => Robinson). This is why we need to give Robinson a few years to stabilize defensive system and recruiting before yelling for his head.

While the Saints have been mowing down opponents with six straight wins, the stars have aligned very well for them as they’ve faced a string of injured or subpar quarterbacks. While Tyrod Taylor may not be among the elite, he is capable and Buffalo could exploit New Orleans’ weak set of linebackers by utilizing LeSean McCoy out of the backfield along with a mix of tight end play. We’re going to go, go Buffalo..

“He run against our scout team defense. We had a game where you tried to just touch James. He come back in the huddle with a smile on his face and tell you you just saw how much fun he was having. Arndt then tried to figure out how Schwarzenegger ever became so rich and famous, coming to the conclusion that it was thanks to him swelling up with muscle like a giant flesh balloon, which sounds insane when you really think about it. So he looked for some other type of competition that would make you sound a bit crazy if you got really obsessed with it. Meets the epic finale of The Avengers.”.

ESPN’s Mark Simon went a little deeper in his analysis of the balls and strikes calls through two games. Simon says (I’ve been waiting to be able to use that in a blog) the Indians’ pitchers have benefited from 7.4 extra strike calls 4.2 in Game 1 and 3.2 in Game 2. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, gained about one strike (0.9) in the series opener (from the story, this is defined as “more called strikes than the average pitcher would have gotten on the same set of pitches”), but were 2.7 strikes below average in Game 2..

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