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Green liked Philip Holm regular season debut Friday in Las Vegas, so those who love to speculate have surmised that Hutton was being showcased a day before the trade deadline. That seems like a stretch. Then again, the more you talk to Green about Hutton shortcomings of becoming that consummate pro, you wonder if there a disconnect.

Still, the Ravens had one more shot. Then the defense that spent much of the game futilely chasing Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco finally caught him. Watt raced around Ravens right tackle Austin Howard and stripped Flacco of the ball. The head of the Convention and Visitors Commission laid out plans for $124 million worth of improvements to the Dome back on February 1. Those included lots of new windows, a giant new video screen, and a bridge over Broadway. But the Rams rejected that plan and Tuesday must submit their own plan to the CVC to make the Dome a ‘first tier’ NFL facility.

There is a slight chance for a flurry in some of the higher elevations Thursday night into Friday. A bubble of high pressure will settle over the region Friday night and set the stage for a cold Saturday morning with lows in the teens to the lower 20s. This area of high pressure will wind to the south on Saturday.

4. Welcome back, Melvin Vaughn. Wilder expected big things last season from Vaughn, who has the size of a tight end but the speed of a wide receiver. As we saw with RR there are no sure things, even when choosing the hot coach. Did you mean that I copied someone with my name, which is actually “bossfan23,” not bossman as you wrote it? Or was there something else in my post that you were referring to? As for my moniker, it is in reference to Bruce (the Boss) Springsteen and the 23 is for the number that Pete Maravich wore in college. 58ontheroster, thanks for coming back to shed a little light on the circumstances of Bo hiring! Greatly appreciated!.

Goodell and his NFL minions didn’t care about standing up for battered women until TMZ exposed them. They were trying to protect Baltimore’s investment in a guy the team has already paid $22 million on his $35 million, five year contract. That’s why they had Janay publicly state she was partly at fault for being on the receiving end of her husband’s left hook..

The Shiffrins sent Mikaela to high school at Burke Mountain Academy, a slopeside school for budding ski racers in Vermont. Even among her fellow athletes, she was single minded in her devotion to training, often forgoing parties and dates. Of her first high school dance, Shiffrin recalls, was all grinding.

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