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I don see why everyone is up in arms about Harbaugh comments regarding the academic requirements of the Michigan Football program. When only 3% of the general student population majors in general studies and 82% of the football players major in general studies (rather than a declared major) something is wrong. Most of these kids will not go pro and by not having them in a major that is worthwhile, they be unable to find a decent job upon graduation.

Think its very despicable that he would even have the audacity to say that, said Brandon Abzug. People all across this country and the world feel that they have the power to make things right. Especially in the wake of a tragedy we really show who we really are.

Is it an accomplishment to get a job or to do well at it? This is a key question that seems to confuse Mr. Menzel, the YCS board, and others. What has Williams been a success at, besides being a college football player? Where has he been doing well, and the district was sad when he departed to go elsewhere? Are you sure he wasn let go in 4 of the last 5 years? This is a recurring pattern here.

“I respect the flag, and I also respect the stand (NFL) players are taking,” said Ruggles. “In this day and age, this issue with the protests taking place during the anthem has taken on a life of its own. Who knows where it will lead? I was in college during that Vietnam War protest period.

Jared Goff was dealing. Daniel Lasco became a big play threat, adding a dynamic running game to the Bear Raid. Trevor Davis is a fast person. Looking for something, Maurice said. Thought the game was played in the corners for the most part and that where Matty Perreault excels. That why he got an opportunity and guys who have the fewest miles on them, trying to give them a bit more ice.

This is a tough one. From 2011 through 2014, Lynch played 63 out of a possible 64 regular season games, which is incredible for a starting running back. And as a starter for the Bears, he missed two matchups, so it seems the elder Lynch should get the call here.

He led the Hawkeyes to the school first ever perfect season with a record of 12 wins and zero losses. Playing in all 12 games, Canzeri ran for 984 yards with 13 total touchdowns. Canzeri tied the school record for most touchdowns in a single game (4) and set the school record for most carries in a single game (43).

“We were able to convince them that your value, your equity, was going to be in a 24/7 network,” he said. “They stepped up and spent the money. We had high school football, MAC football, D’Arcy Egan, Bruce Drennan, Last Call (with Chuck Galeti), the Browns deal.

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