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High school and college players understandably use the National Football League and the National Basketball Association salaries as the gold standard. Multimillion dollar contracts make professional sports part of the American Dream. But since the NFL and NBA are the pinnacle, it good to add the full range of professional sports leagues when a college player plans his financial future.

One of the pair had hidden in the trunk of the vehicle after finding another sex trade worker reluctant to get into a vehicle with the two, drunken men. The body of 28 year old George was found on April 18, 1995 in a field near the Regina Airport. There were differing opinions by pathologists called by the Crown and defence as to whether or not she had died from exposure to the elements after being beaten and abandoned on the outskirts of the city or as a result of injuries sustained in the beating.

The Patriots practiced against the Saints at their training camp site at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., prior to a 26 24 win at New Orleans on Aug. 22, in the second week of the preseason. Another player who looked good in the preseason and who needs to push himself to be a more daring attacker. He’s certainly got the skill to do it. Patrick Maroon.

THE HAGUE The Dutch government efforts to win parliamentary backing for last week euro rescue plan has been thrown into question after the opposition Labour Party said Greece surprise referendum plan was a breaker. Comments strongly suggest that the Labour Party is unlikely to support the rescue measures during a parliamentary debate scheduled for Tuesday evening in The Hague, and that the minority coalition government may struggle to muster a majority for the latest deal.Government parties Christian Democrats said a Greek referendum would be and the Liberals said each eurozone country should meet last week rescue agreement, Dutch news agency ANP reported.Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou shock decision late on Monday to call a referendum on Greece bailout has drawn veiled threats from Germany and hammered markets edgy over the eurozone crisis.European politicians complained that Athens was trying to wriggle out of the latest rescue deal, concerned not so much about the fate of Greece as the possibly dire consequences for the entire currency union.The Dutch parliament was scheduled to hold a debate on Tuesday evening at 1900 GMT. No vote was scheduled but Prime Minister Mark Rutte was keen to muster majority support for the measures agreed last week.Cabinet is concerned about the delay that can develop due to the uncertainty around Greece, Mr.

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