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Chief Michael Sellers said in a statement Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016, that he will urge union leadership to put citizens’ safety first. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy, File). The blustering faux patriots want to blame a few people protesting the systemic racism and social injustice they like so much, but the simple truth is the NFL viewing numbers still far outpace any other sports league or entertainment property in the country and likely will do so for the foreseeable future.( permalink suggest removal )The NFL has been exposed. As long as they have sexist quarterbacks like SCam Newton, unconvicted rapists like Jameis Winston, Women beaters like Dez and Zek they can expect more losses.The NBA losses can be attributed to an overexposure of meaningless games in a boring and too damn long season. But give them credit for one thing.

Toward the closure of the Vikings entertaining and wholly impressive (sans another special teams score allowed) 35 14 road victory over playoff bound Arizona, a friend and myself were discussing the impressive rebirth of quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. T Jack’s 4 TD’s and 135.5 passer rating followed his solid 1 score and 143.8 relief effort of the Purple’s Week 14 win over Detroit. When our talk had concluded and the Sunday eve game began between the Giants and Cowboys, I was standing outside smoking a cig in 9 degree weather and it dawned upon me that, in very large part, when querying myself on what color a starting NFL player is at any position, almost every answer a la the white quarterback came back with swift definition and image.

Freshman Jaylen Fryberg shoots five people in the school cafeteria, killing one. Fryberg dies of a self inflicted gunshot wound at the scene. A second victim dies of her injuries two days later; a third dies on October 31. Vaccaro received a fifth year option from New Orleans this offseason as part of his rookie deal. While not guaranteed, it shows how the Saints value Vaccaro and could lead to a long term deal. Yet you never know if the Saints could decide to pull the rug out from under Vaccaro.

Injury decisionsAndrew Luck, QB, Colts: The Indianapolis quarterback has been ruled out for the season opener and for those who did draft Luck, their fortunes took a turn for the worst because the Week 1 contest against the Los Angeles Rams figured to be a strong matchup. Hilton, whose success has come when Luck is on the field.

The Pride defeated the Central Kentucky Tigers, 50 36; the Central Kentucky Warriors, 50 15; and Team 3 One 7 to win their pool. In bracket play, the Pride beat the Cincinnati Tigers, 50 36, to advance against Hip Hop Culture in the quarterfinals. The Pride led, 21 6, at the half but wound up losing, 47 37..

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