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I think this is a fair vote because Flowers is the senior quarterback. Milton has shown flashes of fellow Hawaiian, and Heisman winner, Marcus Mariota, who Scott Frost coached at Oregon. Even though last year Milton threw two interceptions against the Bulls (and the Knights offense looked like a creation of Sterlin Gilbert)..

Adam Catrett sustained a significant injury to his lower right leg as a result of the shooting. Adam was stabilized by a friend who was hunting with him until medical personnel and deputies arrived. Adam was carried to a clear area before being transported, by a helicopter, to a nearby hospital.

However, if the Cowboys don want to wait until the end of this season to deal with Romo, they can trade him before the deadline on Nov. 1. Trades in the NFL are often complicated and difficult to complete because of various salary cap restrictions, but Romo could be a special case..

“The last couple of years I felt like we’ve said we all we got,’ ” safety Malcolm Jenkins said. “We’ve said that over and over. Then this year, as we just kind of got closer to the season we added the we’re all we need,’ just because from the beginning we didn’t feel like anybody gave us a chance.

Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s runs through Jan. 14 at the Cleveland Museum of Art, 11150 East Blvd. Related programming includes curator talks, docent guided tours, lectures and films.What could be more traditional than a meal of shrimp cocktail, beef short rib and a chocolate cupcake? But under direction from Chef Doug Katz and Sous Chef Justin Paponetti, those dishes are deconstructed and their ingredients put back together in almost unrecognizable forms.

He says he has always been a Trump supporter. However, he also said he believes tariff is unnecessary at this particular time when we are so focused on carbon free generation. Says job losses suffered initially may come back at some point but also told us for the most part, he doubts the tariff will be helpful..

Drafted No. 1 overall by Detroit in 2009, Stafford helped the Lions reach the playoffs last season for the third time in six seasons. He throws with a lot of zip and power, squeezing passes into tight windows and sending spirals deep down the field with one of the strongest arms in the league..

Philly and the fans out there just get more publicized for it.”It’s debatable whether fans in other tough markets like New York, Boston, Green Bay or Chicago rise (lower?) to the level of Eagles fans.Online videos showed Philadelphia fans heaving full cans of beer at Vikings fans wearing purple jerseys and caps. Other fans told of being spit on, shoved, head butted and threatened.Fargo radio host Joel Heitkamp of KFGO, in a blog post shared on Facebook nearly 50,000 times, wrote that Philadelphia police did little or nothing to stop the assaults and harassment even if things happened right in front of them.”I saw one cop walk up to an Eagles tailgate and ask for a ‘soda.’ He left with a red solo cup filled with beer,” Heitkamp wrote. “I saw another cop witness someone being thrown to the ground, and he didn’t so much as flinch.

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