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And a company that’s using individuals as mobile billboards in a race to capture more advertising.People, products and corporate power.Mick O’Regan: Welcome to The Media Report.Daniel Schifrin: It’s an incredible experience, it’s an incredible boost for your self esteem, because you do feel like everybody, you forget you have the wrap on your car, you think everybody’s just looking at you, but in reality they’re looking at the wrap, it just draws a tremendous amount of attention to you and your car.Mick O’Regan: The joys of mobile marketing, according to Daniel Schifrin, Chief Executive of Autowraps, a firm in San Francisco that transforms you and your car into a mobile billboard for everything from oatmeal to underpants.This week on The Media Report we’re looking at advertising and marketing, the media techniques which link people to products. To critics it’s a chain of subservient consumption; to defenders, it’s about choice.The debate spilled onto the streets this week as thousands around the world marched against the rise of global corporate brands that are as ubiquitous as McDonalds, as recognised as Mickey Mouse and as popular as Nike.And why the company trying to webcast the execution of Timothy McVeigh gave up. The protest which aimed to shut down the Stock Exchange was part of a world wide mobilisation against international corporate power, and its expression through organisations like the WTO and the World Bank.Also regular targets of such protests are the outlets of major international companies, such as Nike, McDonald’s and Gap clothing.Klein defends the mass demonstrations as the public face of an anti corporate movement usually only acknowledged through conflict, but which h is growing in significance.Naomi Klein: I think that these symbolic large scale street level confrontations are important, because they do start, or have started in the past year and a half to certainly break through this idea that ideology has gathered history, has gathered that there’s only one way to govern, which is this kind of mixed government model which has cut back to this privatised, liberalised and pray to the gods it trickles down economics.

The Rams led at halftime of their previous five home games this season, two of them losses. The Cardinals took the lead in the series, 36 35 2. Arizona is 7 0 at home and 4 3 on the road. Brown appreciated the salespeople who set his mind at ease. Ideal sales rep is one who acted as our team concierge, able to handle any request no matter how unusual. Like one stop shopping, adds Waters, a salesperson books you, and then you get shuffled off to a conference services person who doesn get that our sports business is different.

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