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They emailed the provided address and asked if Silva, a Miami Dade resident, would drive to Key Largo to sell an ounce of weed for $320. Silva agreed and noted he had “fire” (AKA good stuff) for sale. They made plans to meet in the parking lot of a convenience store yesterday, and when Silva showed up and handed over the pot, police arrested him..

It that time of the year when people are filled with sniffles and there isn much you can do about the life of a virus but there is something you can do to prevent them from marching into your life. Start by increasing vitamin C during this time of the year. Purchase some anti viral supplements and some respiratory aids such as astragalus, Echinacea, elderberry (this comes in a liquid form and kids love it, mix with water and drink), garlic, and ginger.

Posted Dec. 27, 2011StatsDesigned by two Stanford professors, the Avacore Core Control is a heat extractor for the human body which will provide an athlete the ability to recover more quickly than natural methods such as sweating. An interesting product, but with a price tag of $3000, I doubt the the public will get their hands on this anytime soon.

She had to break form to regain control. She ended with a time of 52.95, which put her near the top with the eighth fastest time of the day.In the second run, she had a slightly slower start but looked more balance in her run. Near the bottom she picked up time again.

I have to do better. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said really wasn a factor at all. We were warm for the most part especially on the sidelines with the heated benches. While it’s axiomatic that one of the Big Four networks must win the seasonal ratings race, it seems somewhat disingenuous to celebrate the survivor of what’s basically an ongoing war of attrition. Not only will this be the fifth straight year in which ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will fail to finish with an average of a 3.0 rating or better in the adults 18 49 demo, but there is a very real chance that all four will slip below a 2.0. So it goes..

The 21 year old rookie free agent from Florida State is days away from the NFL’s final cut, and his chances of making the team look good. All he has done since reporting to camp late last month is make plays in practice. His six catches in three preseason games are tied for the team lead, and his 111 yards receiving and 18.5 yard average are tops on the team..

To say that there aren holes in Taylor game. He fumbled at Minnesota last week and twice three weeks ago against Iowa, losing one. Ball security has been enough of an issue of late that running backs coach John Settle had Taylor carry around a football to class this past week to hammer home a lesson..

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