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“I deliberately tried not to know,” Dawson said. “We wanted to watch the show with my kids. I had a really good idea what was going on, but it was a pretty priceless moment when we saw the name flash up on the screen. I don’t think the right knee injury Floyd suffered in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Lions has anything to do with what the club will decide to do with McPhee, who turns 29 next month. McPhee’s balky knees will make it difficult, in my opinion, for the Bears to consider him part of the future plan. He has a base salary of $7.2 million in 2018 with a $200,000 roster bonus due June 1 and a $175,000 workout bonus.

We shall see, we know one thing for sure if coach Hoke doesn win and soon the, faithful will turn on him like snakes. These modern day fans want instant satisfaction it a way of life in this country. The, ol days when Bo coached, win 10 games lose the bowl was acceptable, not anymore.

McNabb compares favorably.But Kelly made it to the Super Bowl four straight times, and winning four consecutive conference championships as opposed to going 1 3 (so far) is a huge trump card. Even if Kelly was terrible in three of those four Super Bowls.Then there Warner. While he hasn had the sustained, continuous effectiveness McNabb has, he was undeniably the best player in the league in two different seasons.

You have to think a cup of coffee with Savard could help young players like Galchenyuk and Jonathan Drouin moving forward, and a cup of coffee or two with Savard wouldn’t hurt Bergevin, either.Savard told Nilan he gets stopped on the street by Canadiens fans who are upset and, worse, losing interest in the team he called a group of underachievers. Savard has noticed the empty seats at the Bell Centre saying “that’s dangerous” and added Canadiens fans need something to be proud to cheer for again.Savard is 72, but that’s three years younger than Toronto Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello, who has done a pretty good job helping rebuild that team. Savard’s people skills and hockey knowledge even though he has been out of the game could certainly help Bergevin as a sounding board if Molson gives the GM another chance.

Now Dixon is waiting to find out if his struggles will payoff in the form of an NFL contract this weekend. He hoping his statistics will speak for themselves. After running a 5.2 second 40 yard dash, bench pressing 225 pounds 21 times and registering a 26 inch vertical jump at Indianapolis this past spring, he has stats that impress the scouts, now it just a waiting game..

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