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My Jim Harbaugh Google News alert just went off and delivered this nugget from an article today: ” Jack Harbaugh coached Western Kentucky from 1989 2002, but shortly into his tenure the school threatened to drop football. Even when the governing board voted to spare the program, it gutted budgets, forcing Harbaugh to purge much of his staff. Then playing nearby for the Indianapolis Colts, Jim volunteered to be his father unpaid assistant coach in 1994.

While Manning’s contract is much richer $98 million, with a whopping $34.5 million signing bonus he restructured it this off season to save the Colts salary cap space. Manning’s work ethic is universally admired, and he makes everyone around him a better player. And face it: though all those commercials overexpose him a bit, he is nothing if not likable..

Competence factor: Hussey in his second year as a white hat and the last (and only) time he worked a Steelers game in that capacity, he looked right at the Rams Mark Barron illegally hitting and injuring Ben Roethlisberger in St. Louis and did not throw a flag. Good times.

Yes, he has read the literature not the stuff in the media about CTE, but the kind of stuff that is found in research papers and peer reviewed journals. He knows that playing on the offensive line in the NFL is dangerous, and puts him at a great risk for his own concussion. But he also is wise enough to know that if he ever sustains enough of them that he’ll recognize when to quit..

Unless you have one of the top 5 defenses during the year that have some consistent results, the best strategy is often to pick a D that is going up against a mistake prone hapless offense. This so called strategy is even more important in the fantasy football playoffs because the stakes are higher. It is also very manageable because the matchups are known in advance, and bench players become less important as bye weeks have already passes and injuries are either already known or less likely to occur with fewer games remaining.

Belichick has reached a record 11 AFC title games in 16 years since Brady became his starting QB in 2001, breaking Tom Landry’s record for the most since the 1970 merger. The Hoodie has seven conference titles, a record. He is tied with the Steelers’ Chuck Noll with four Super Bowl titles..

Verizon is planning to combine Yahoo with AOL, which it purchased in 2015 for $4.4 billion, to build a digital content and advertising juggernaut and compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. Combined, they count more than one billion monthly active users, including 600 million monthly active mobile users. Verizon also plans to use its programming relationships with the NFL, NBA and others to boost its combined content offerings even more.

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