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“The thing about John is, he can take the top off of the defense,” Newsome said. “A lot of times when you go with a vertical receiver, they have a very limited route tree. John does not. Here’s what else has changed from his first season here: “The maturity level,” Jones said, “to understand peoples’ perception of him can’t define you. He’s more confident, more efficient on and off the court as far as his time, rest, preparation. He always wanted to prove to himself he’s the world’s best player.

On another Astros note, shortstop Carlos Correa drained a free throw before the Rockets home game against the Warriors Thursday to win $5,000 for charity. The “First Shot” is a tradition the Rockets began before this season. Celebrities attempt a free throw before each home game.

Looking forward, Hyundai will focus its branding efforts on the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft. However, the company doesn’t expect to award a new car say, a Genesis luxury sedan to the winner of the Most Valuable Player award at the Super Bowl, an annual custom when GM held the sponsorship. Reedy said the NFL has not offered Hyundai that opportunity..

High school football in West Texas is a big deal. Schools don’t play against other schools, Sandifer points out. Communities play against communities. Timberlake was Jackson special guest during her performance at that year game and ripped off a piece of her clothing, revealing her nipple. Timberlake later described it as an unintended malfunction. Which aired that Super Bowl, was fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission, but the fine later was overturned..

AFC WestDENVER: Scouts were divided on first round pick Sylvester Williams, a 313 pound DT whose focus tends to waver at times. Coach John Fox figures he will bring out the best in a powerful lineman who can move. RB Montee Ball has a knack for reaching the end zone and ex USF CB Kayvon Webster boasts all the physical skills.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaks as as reporters raise their hands to ask questions during the daily press briefing in the Brady press briefing room at the White House, in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017. (AP.. Patients to doctors, especially females with relatively minor medical problems, a first of its kind study on the demographics of such users shows. Researchers identified the most common medical concerns underlying such consultations. They were relatively minor, led by anxiety/depression, contraception, skin complaints, digestion issues, including heartburn and nausea, and common colds.

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