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Flightaware puts the number of cancellations in the US right now at 1,111 with another 2,381 delayed. Atlanta is seeing the highest number of delays and cancellations with more than 650 canceled (arrivals and departures) and more than 750 delays so far. American’s Charlotte hub is in the path of the weather, DC (hubs for American and United), BWI (hub for Southwest) and NYC airports (hubs for everyone) may see impacts as the night stretches on..

We never got into fistfights, but it was always about bragging rights. He was my roommate in college. I would go home at night, and we’d be talking trash back and forth about whoever got the best of each other that day in practice. Jensen was drafted in the sixth round in 2013, but didn’t play as a rookie and was cut his second year, spending three months on the practice squad. In his first two seasons in the NFL, he played in one game, getting exactly four snaps on special teams. From there though, he improved year by year until he started all 16 games for the Ravens in 2017..

She meets a wealthy baron, gets a great new wardrobe, and secures some self confidence. The story he opted to make was a cruel indictment of the American media, one which has only become more accurate and biting over the years. The film opens with reporter Chuck Tatum, a refugee from big city newspapers who’s now stuck in a desolate New Mexico town.

My five selections to bring home were supplemented by a Friday night dinner and movie invite to the home of some dear friends, the Juidici family. Dinner was phenomenal and the company even better. We sat down together and watched Intern, which I had actually seen in the theater during its release in 2015..

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees called Trump remarks of the office of the President, while Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy said the President just acting like a jerk. Dolphins safety Mike Thomas asked, the leader of the free world, and this is what you talking about? Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans followed the Steelers lead, staying in the locker room for the anthem. Most teams chose to lock arms in a show of unity, but even among those squads, some players opted to kneel.

Nothing, however, was more stunning for a nation Monday than the video of Rice knocking out his woman. Domestic violence strikes me as too proper a term. It’s uglier than that. “That’s the philosophy that Buddy instilled in us. He held every player accountable and taught us how to be men,” said Lamon, who remained in close touch with Beardmore. “Buddy was an important person in my life, truly a father figure.

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