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6.The Royal Princess will carry 3,600 passengers and will feature a jogging track and the SeaWalk, a glass bottom walkway extending 8.5 metres beyond the edge of the ship and 39 metres above the ocean. One part of the ship, The Sanctuary, is described as a haven just for adults, with private cabanas and steward service for light fare and drinks. Its maiden voyage will begin in Southampton, England, and head for Spain and Portugal, followed by trips to the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Two biggest things I noticed is the speed and strength all the guys have there, he said. Level you go up, those are the two main things you notice. They all great hockey players out there, and they all competing for the same thing. Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis was fined $48,620 by the NFL on Friday for his hit Sunday on Buccaneers wide receiver Adam Humphries. Hall of Fame linebacker Nick Buoniconti said he will donate his brain to Boston University to support research of chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

(PG; 94 min.) This comedy is as fun as a screaming toddler with a full diaper, and twice as aromatic, but the stench that permeates Baby Geniuses can only come from the depressing decay of Kathleen Turner’s and Christopher Lloyd’s careers. Turner and Lloyd are completely squandered as a pair of scheming scientists who try to exploit for diabolical corporate ends their child development research findings all babies hold the secrets to the universe until they turn 2 years old, at which point they lose their omniscience and become regular dumb humans, as all adults are. Maybe this “clueless grown up” theory is simply a means of explaining away the movie’s astoundingly terrible script, which is rife with dialogue so inane it makes you wish for more potty jokes, and pilfers every movie catch phrase in recent memory, all apparently to showcase Baby Geniuses’ sole gimmick: computer animating its cute little toddler stars so that they actually give voice to the wisecracks they were merely thinking in the Look Who’s Talking franchise.

We are excited to help this forward thinking organization prove the impact its tickets and events have on the bottom line. Jaguars pride ourselves on creating a true return on investment for our clients, said Chad Johnson, SVP of Sales Service and Chief Content Officer. Helps make that possible by providing our premium ticketholders and internal sales staff with a convenient tracking tool.The NFL recently announced it will be moving all teams to mobile ticket entry in 2018 with a deadline of the 2019 season.

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