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I believe it’s a small segment, albeit a fairly vocal one on Twitter and talk radio.As I write this, it is Wednesday morning and nothing is official yet with NFL free agency, but it has been widely reported that former Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins to the Vikings is a done deal. The cost is expected to be a three year, fully guaranteed contract worth about $84 million. That is big money but on a relatively short deal in terms of years.If Cousins performs at his current level or continues to improve, the Vikings just found a 29 year old top 10 quarterback in the league who could run this team for 10 years.

Plus with Fergie’s ties to the NFL believe it or not, she’s a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins it was only a matter of time until the pop powerhouse took to a field stateside for a spectacle lamented by a good number of football fans. Since French House DJ turned American pop hitmaker David Guetta will be sharing the stage anyway, let him take over for a while. Say what you will, but songs like “Sexy Bitch” with Akon and “Memories” with KiD CuDi were are bonafide jams, and lately his Rihanna graced “Who’s That Chick” has been a bug in everyone’s ear.

Even though he and his colleagues didn’t ask players if they used steroids, he says that the NFL’s year round testing program should have ruled out any use.”[However] I’m concerned about the widespread use of performance enhancing agents, which contain stimulants that can not only increase blood pressure but of course have stimulating effects on the heart,” says Dr. Tucker. He adds that, in the last several years, such stimulants have been linked to sporadic deaths in college and even professional athletes.Next page: Are players fat or is it all muscle?Although today’s players are much more likely to weigh in excess of 300 pounds than those in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are fat, Dr.

Community. It was an honor to play for Pat and call her my coach but the greatest lessons I learned from her were off the court. She believed in me and taught me about character, discipline and always giving my all. It was a nice play by everybody. Murphy: been noticing in practice the past few weeks how quick the ball comes out of his hand and how he stays alive. 11px;.

Anybody who says they saw this coming, is lying. In many ways, Hansen’s story is one of the reasons why people love sports so much. Three years ago, Hansen was a member of the Idaho State Bengals of the Big Sky Conference. Landry had a dominant combine from an athletic standpoint. His 4.64 second 40, 36 inch vertical jump, 6.88 second three cone drill and 4.19 second 20 yard shuttle were all top five marks among edge defenders. His 24 bench reps showed his 6 foot 2 inch, 253 pound frame has some muscle to it just two months after getting back into weight training.

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