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EXTRA POINTS: Williams didn’t last past one team on the NFL waiver wire. The Cleveland Browns, who had the first choice of all waived players, immediately claimed him Sunday. The Seahawks began setting their 10 man practice squad by signing back second year center Joey Hunt, undrafted rookie tight end Tyrone Swoopes, rookie seventh round pick and wide receiver David Moore, defensive tackle Garrison Smith, rookie sixth round pick and defensive back Mike Tyson, undrafted rookie college track champion and wide receiver Cyril Grayson at wide receiver and running back Mike Davis..

WEAKNESSES: Has a tendency to drop his head into contact in front of him. Will lose sight of his target and whiff against slanting, arm over specialists. Was on the ground more than he should be against Wake Forest defensive tackles looking to shoot gaps.

The world’s biggest sport comes to London this weekend. Possibly, soon enough, the world’s biggest sport will come to London everyweekend. I think the main problem with some people not liking NFL is due to they don’t understand it so that would also need to beaddressed.

Spoke to Mark Davis after the game and Mark let me know that he not going to be bringing me back, Del Rio said. Told me he loved me and appreciated all that I did to kind of get this program going in the right direction, but that he felt the need to change. Rio signed a three year contract extension following last year playoff season..

No rest: A quick turnaround will not help two teams that had a combined 27 players on the injury report, including 16 for Green Bay. Coaches faced the prospect of juggling as much work as possible at practice with the desire to get players rest. It put a premium this week on paying attention in meetings and mastering the playbook..

DRAKESBORO, Ky.The TVA wants to switch from wet to dry storage of coal ash and other coal combustion residuals the Paradise Fossil Plant near Drakesboro. The TVA’s proposal would build new facilities to convert the ash from wet to dry, construct a new landfill and close its old ash pond. The ash is a byproduct of burning coal at power plants.

Sports are one of the things we in Seattle have been able to turn to in recent years. Sports gave us something to help take our minds off world problems. “C’mon, Huskies!” (or “Hawks!”) was a common war cry when the Mariners were bad in late summer.

I wrote earlier this week that DT Nile Lawrence Stample and LB Terrance Smith have the best odds to get drafted, probably in the sixth round range. I put out a poll on Twitter to see if readers thought it was more likely for FSU to have four or more players drafted, or two or less. You went overwhelmingly with four or more (79 percent).

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