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Anton, Austria, heavy snowfall and high winds wiped out the women’s World Cup downhill race. Barb Vahsholtz and Dyanne Gillis return as president and vice president, respectively, with Mary Hawk the new secretary/treasurer and Bob Gillis the member at large. Award winners included Leonard Vahsholtz (Thad Woziwodzki stock car traveling trophy), Paul Dallenbach (Woziwodzki open […]

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A second possibility is to escape Damascus with his family and seek asylum in a third country, perhaps Iran or Venezuela, the governments of which openly support the Syrian regime. Faisal Miqdad, Syria’s deputy foreign minister, was reported to have visited Venezuela, Cuba, and Ecuador recently. Ecuador subsequently announced that it was not entertaining the […]

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It’s incredible. Just beyonce’s women rule the world song playing throughout that speech. It’s incredible. We at Softtek, along with some other companies, compete directly with such players as India. In terms of quality, we are equally competitive. The challenge involves scale, which means that we need to make progress in terms of specialization. Also […]